Matthias Trier is Associate Professor of Digitalization and Social Media at the Department of Digitalization at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He holds a Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing) in Computer Science from TU Berlin, Germany and was Assistant Professor of Information Management at University of Amsterdam.

Matthias combines research in Management Topics (Digital Organization, Knowledge intensive Work, Information Management in innovative and expert-driven environments) with New Media Studies (Online Interaction Networks, Social Media Management, Online Customer and Employee Relations, Online Behaviour and Motivations) and Computer Science (Recommendation Systems, Social Search, Text Analysis, Sentiment Analysis).

He studied example phenomena such as the implementation/appropriation of social media, online participation, framing of electronic discourses (e.g. from a management perspective), information transfer, dissemination processes, or bottom-up community emergence as a part of knowledge management initiatives.

As a special methodological focus Matthias developed an event-driven method for dynamic network analysis (www.commetrix.net) that uses special link mining and visualization algorithms. Matthias was visiting faculty at NJIT, New Jersey and Columbia University, New York. He frequently publishes in conferences and ranked journals, e.g. ISR, EJIS, ISJ or JCMC. He managed several EU projects on social media and has a patent (9001778) for quality assessment of a social network service platform. He serves as track chair of the social media track at ECIS 2014-2018.


Selected Projects

EU Project BPM Online

EU Project Blog Forever

EU Project Cyberemotions


University Teaching

Matthias has an extensive international university teaching experience as well as university teaching management experience.

Courses include:

  • Computer-mediated Communication and Online Collaboration (at Copenhagen Business School)
  • Organization Innovation and Software Development (at Copenhagen Business School)
  • Social Media Analytics (at Copenhagen Business School, TU Berlin, U Potsdam)
  • Enterprise Architecture (at Copenhagen Business School, TU Berlin)
  • Strategic Information Management (at Copenhagen Business School, University of Amsterdam)
  • Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management (at Copenhagen Business School, University of Amsterdam, TU Berlin, Virtual Global University)
  • E-Business Models (at Copenhagen Business School, University of Amsterdam)
  • Research Methods (at Copenhagen Business School, University of Amsterdam)
  • Knowledge Networks, Web2.0, Web Science, Semantic Technologies (TU Berlin, U Potsdam)
  • Process Modelling and Management (TU Berlin, Virtual Global University)
  • Introduction to IT Systems and Informatics (TU Berlin)

Teaching Management includes:

  • 14 years of E-Learning responsible, Local Accreditation Management and Board Meeting Participant for a globally acting Online University (comprising a consortium of 15 universities, servicing 30 countries)
  • 2 years of Exam Board, Primary Contact and Process manager of examination and legal requests for 2000 students at a University, internship approvals, exceptions in examination and curriculum, approval of foreign studies, application for theses, legal aspects with an assigned administration responsible, secretariat and board meeting
  • 4 years of Program Manager/Line Coordinator/ Study Board Member for a university study program, Development of a Program Vision, Strategy, Competence Profile, Teacher Assignment, Budget Planning, Teaching Scheduling Management, Quality Management of a university program.
  • Coordinator for Executive Teaching in an European Reference Framework for Executive Teaching in Business Process Management, working on a reference program framework, on European collaboration in Executive Teaching, an organizational setup for the program, accreditation aspects of the program




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